What is Improper Equipment?

What Is Improper Equipment in North Carolina?

Improper Equipment is a non-moving violation in North  Carolina.  The primary example of an improper equipment violation would be a defective speedometer. In most instances, reducing a moving violation to an improper equipment is highly advantageous because it converts a moving violation to a non-moving violation.  Obviously, the dismissal of a case is the best result, but dismissals are rare on traffic citations except for a few special circumstances.

The North Carolina Legislature, under Chapter 20, now provides that an improper equipment outcome is a lesser-included offense to speeding.  There is no need to actually have an “equipment” problem or vehicle equipment issue to receive an “improper equipment” outcome.  An Improper Equipment outcome is merely an available plea in many (if not most) counties in the state of North Carolina.  It is in the discretion of the district attorney in each county (or more accurately in each North Carolina Judicial District) to reduce speeding charges to an improper equipment.

To determine if an Improper Equipment is available in the County in which you have been charged, please make a submission through this website.  Your request will be forwarded to a local attorney familiar with the local policies regarding Improper Equipments and other traffic related matters.

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